Saturday, February 16, 2019

Without Knowledge, Life Would be Worthless Essay -- Expository Exempli

Without Knowledge, Life Would be Worthless The quest for scientific wisdom does not progress in addition far rather, it is merely at the origin of upgrading caller. Because knowledge is a judgment most important to the establishment of any society, it is the building block of the future. Without knowledge, on that point would be no means of advancement, for society would lack the potential to do so. In other words, human society is on the verge of experiencing, impact and making use of the vast amount of knowledge present and on the brink of exposu re. Dante Alighiere adequately states, Consider your origin you were not born to hold like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge (12530). He is right, in his reasoning, for wisdom leads individuals to more productive and civilized liv es. Although intellect is face-saving in improving ones status in society, everyone does not view ordinate as the sole purpose of expressing ones wisdom. Along with placement in soc iety as an individual, the improvement of society as a whole is similarly considere d when making use of knowledge. Scientific comprehension is applied to several(prenominal) aspects of society, from the deep earth to the inevitable skies, in a suitable look throughout the United States. It should be implemented in a flair as to solve problems and enhance human existence both physically and mentally. In other words, knowledge preserves and enhances the idea of the rights of life, liberty and the prosecution of happiness knowledge should lead each individual to a break dance life, provide grea ter liberty and forsee enhanced happiness. With their extensive knowledge, researchers are able to develop and improve medicines which will provide people with access to a go life. B... ...enefit by establishing a greater, more successful life and improving society. severally individual possesses knowledge and, by utilizing such wisdom, they will prosper. Works Cited Abels on, Phillip H. Pharmaceuticals establish on Biotechnology. Science 9 Aug. 1996 719. Air-bag Safety Will Rules Help? Consumer Reports Apr. 1997 21. Alighieri, Dante. bath Bartletts Familiar Quotations. 16th ed. Ed. Justin Kaplan. Boston Little, Brown & Co., 1992. More, Better Medicines Coming Soon. regular army Today 16 Apr. 1997. Ogintz, Eileen. Taking the Kids Safe Car Rides...Without Complaints. Los Angeles Times 29 Dec. 1996 4. Our News Services, eds, More Heat on Air Bags Risks Too Great, Researchers Says. The capital of Georgia Journal 17 Mar. 1997. Zabarenko, Deborah. Napping Cats Give Clue To What Makes People Sleep. Reuters 22 whitethorn 1997.

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