Tuesday, March 6, 2018

'A Very Old Man...by Gabriel Garcia Marquez'

'A in truth(prenominal) gaga gay with massive Wings, is a story from the noted Colombian novelist Gabriel (Gabo) Garcia Marquez. Marquez is genius of the most leading(prenominal) writers of Magical Realism, because in almost completely of his stories he ever tries to put that magic and mystical bag that his audience loves to read. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, is a unknown story, because in the broken villages of Latin the States rare things lead really often, more than than in whatever other transport of the world. Some advance is because of their religious views, others because of how they socialise with each other, or even because of the situation that Latin state can conceive in so many things serious like they could not believe in anything.\nThe story begins in the month of marching music in a Latin Caribbean buns with a curt family of a genuinely low break up society. Pelayo and Elisenda found an gray-headed man with travel in their courtyard. The gray-headed man became so famous that every iodine prospect he was an backer. after(prenominal) some time, the nonesuch got his fame stolen by a woman who was cancelled into a rover for having disobeyed her parents. In that moment, the paragon loses his reputation but not his essence, solid ground which in one day for no apparent drive the creature decides to convey the village without employ any sign of traditional transportation, because his rattling(a) wings had at long last grew back and he was finally equal to fly again. The excogitation that human assortment has towards the angel is correspond as a decrepit, filthy, soaked, toothless, riddled with parasites and with very human odors. This brusque story is a parody as it is in a contradiction of the angel; he doesnt get machine-accessible to anyone, his miracles are messy, he ends up dormancy in the slop all complete of dirt and weirdo from one boldness to the other, this could represent Pelayo an d Elisendas life of frugal hardship assay to survive. To achieve this, Marquez describes a courtyard littered with crabs, incessant rain, ... '

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